Philip Jones’ Open Letter to the Danish Government
I am writing to you regarding the unprovoked Chemical Attacks being leveled against the people of Denmark and around the world by the International Industrial Military Complex.

I do not intend to write at length here as experience has shown that when dealing with Danish Officialdom, it is usually a total waste of time to do so as response is usually not forthcoming. Suffice to say that if you are not aware of the true nature of these attacks on innocent civilians, then it is your duty to investigate the matter. If you are aware and do realise that the chemical and metal bi products contained in these` Air Dispersed` Chemtrails contain Barium, which is lethal and toxic to all known life.
Can you go home and sleep at night knowing that small children are having their lives destroyed. That our food and water supplies are being deliberately poluted and contaminated. That our brain capacity is being diminished and our minds left open to outside programming via the HAARP facility in Alaska and it’s many substations particularly throughout Nato countries.
If this all sounds like just another `Conspiracy Theory`, I challenge you to read the attached documentation. If you yourself have children, it’s time you looked up in the Sky and noticed the strange long cloud trails, crossing each other in Grid Like patterns on an almost daily basis now.
These are not the result of condensation from Jet Engines. These are `bio` weapons being deliberately targetted against innocent men, women and children, not to mention livestock and vegetation. Forget that you work for the government (in reality, the Danish people), you are a member of the Human Race, and have a duty to prevent the Genocide of it’s population.
Do not take this lightly, it is a deadly serious matter. I have written this in English as I intend to circulate a copy to various websites around the world.
Yours Sincerely,
Philip Jones 


Listen closely to Alex Hunter who explains in detail what Philip Jones wrote to the Danish Government about.

The politicians are doing nothing and the Scandinavian, the danish and  the european royalties are doing nothing

When you have watched the utube below with Alex Hunter who will know why, they are all involved in human genocide !

Chem trails and psychotronic control grids Vinny Eastwood and Alex Hunter