Universal Laws

UNIVERSAL LAW GOVERNS all phenomena and your IGNORANCE and DISREGARD of universal law invites SERIOUS censure and doubt without exception and is most upsetting to the soul. The worst offenders on earth that have broken human law are not judged by the higher angelic realms BUT those that are DELINQUENT in understanding the immensity and eternity of universal laws are in deep DO DO.

Universal law GOVERNS all phenomena including science, ETHICS and philosophy. In our physical world THINGS and THOUGHTS are temporary but universal laws must apply just the same. The principles that express universal law are based on what is PERFECT and WHOLE.


  • LAW of ACTION means you must ACT in order for something you want to start moving in the direction you want it to move. Then your invisible aspects and others join in after YOU MAKE the first move.
  • LAW of ALLOWING means dropping ALL judgments and ALL EMOTIONAL attachments to what others do or say or think. They are on their own spiritual path. This is quite different from being tolerant which is not liking what someone else is or does and you holding negative thoughts about it but let them be or do it anyway. Practicing The Universal Law of Allowing requires granting others the right to BE, have and DO whatever THEY choose. The law of allowing is the state of the human aligning with their soul. When you are in a state of allowing you always feel good just as your soul always feels good because it is in the cosmic flow and a state of being.
  • LAW of ATTRACTION says our THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS produce a vibrational energy that attracts THE SAME vibrational energies to us. We get back more of the same energy that we project consciously or UNCONSCIOUSLY. The universe does not care if your thoughts and emotions are REAL or imagined. People feel better when they release their negativity so they AVOID pulling in more negativity.The law of attraction is more easily used at the soul level. Little humans are generally attempting to force something. The reality is we are INFINITE and infinitely abundant in every way including love. You already have ALL YOU NEED in the moment and don’t realize it. Have great appreciation for what you have in the now moment. We build our resonant signature with every thought we think and every belief we hold. Your emotions, even the negative ones, do not judge or analyze they simply reflect with clarity and truth what you are holding in your energy field. Releasing past rage releases the current angers. The human is only TEMPORARY and never designed to rule. Live with a THANKFUL HEART. Even the darker spaces in your life helped you grow. Earth is the toughest school in the universe.        
  • LAW OF BALANCE means maintaining order within the divine universe. Each entity makes the choice to exist. When those choices are made in synchronicity with the flow of other entities and events, balance is maintained. Humans are 10% of their soul or a spiritual being. Address the part of you want to change and work on that. Accept and own the human traits you have within your being. We are balancing spiritual energy to physical matter. The ultimate goal of all life is to maintain a harmonious balance. For every action there is a reaction. You may not know what happens, but something does happen some place.
  • LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT says nothing happens by CHANCE or outside the universal laws. EVERY action has a reaction or consequence. You get back what you give on a continuous basis. If we are kind and considerate toward others, we will attract the same in return. Those that need to constantly upset others will be presented with more of the same. IT IS NOT personal. We must recognize the quality and type of energy we emit to decide what we want to emit.
    This law is also known as the law of reciprocal action and is best described as you get what you give law. All actions send forth a vibration or a resonance that eventually finds its way back to the starting point. This is because energy cannot be destroyed, so it seeks to reunite with its origin. Actions, ONCE they are released will hold us responsible. IF you keep functioning at a survival vibration you will keep attracting survival situations to master your spiritual awareness for that level. Survival and lower vibrational aspects lie and twist facts. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?
  • LAW OF COMPENSATION is that we do NOT RECEIVE in the exact manner and time we choose. Our invisible aspects work in their own way and time or with synchronicity. There is no service lovingly and willingly rendered that ever goes without reward. With synchronicity our reward seldom comes from the source we gave service to. BUT we do need to be the gracious receiver of WHATEVER we do happen to receive.We only get the amount we are ABLE to RECEIVE. There is no limit to amounts compensation. The only limitation is THE ONE WE CREATE through refusal to use what we HAVE been lovingly given. The law says AS we THINK, SPEAK and ACT we will RECEIVE in like kind or energy.        
  • LAW of ENTRAINMENT requires THAT two resonance’s existing in the same location MUST adjust and combine. On a scale of 1-10 if one individual is at a 3 and the other is at a 7 the law of entrainment requires they will both be at 5 ish. The other possibility is when one is an overpowering resonance and pulls the other to their level so you both would move to 3,4 or 6,7.When you carry someone else’s DARK ENERGY that will postpone your ascension. Return the dark energy you carry for another back to them. Learn what you can from that experience, forgive both of you and grieve the loss of the entrainment. Humans are gigantic energetic creatures. Every thought we have creates energetic ripples. The rising energies on Gaia are forcing us to clear and purify all our bodies. The toxins or any illness patterns and our emotional and mental blockages are all low-density imbalances rising up at this time to be cleared. Drink plenty of water to flush out cellular debris. We are clearing out low-density energy damage normal for us to be carrying in third dimension. In the fifth dimension it is energy too heavy to carry.Our body anchors our energetic layers, which fan out in every direction in ever-widening circles of vibrating frequency. Our auras touch each other at six feet from the body. Why do you suppose it makes you uncomfortable when a stranger stands too close? They are standing in our dense etheric bodies of emotion, mental and spiritual energies. As our auras become more sensitive it can become downright painful to have a disgruntled or unpleasant energy in your spiritual, mental or emotional space. Our energetic bodies grow more dense and real to humans as they connect to the higher frequencies.       
  • LAW OF LOVE or DIVINE ONENESS is that everything is created out of love and all entities even humans need to TOTALLY accept WHAT IS. Unconditional love allows. Without the law of love free will could not exist. Free will does not come in portions you either have it or you do not have it. The Universe is a place of creation and experience. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything we think and feel affects the whole universe around us.
  • LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY is that all humans have the power to change the conditions in their lives. Raising your vibration IS HARD work AND we have the skills to do that. Being dark, controlling and killing or being a victim is much easier and MOST have chosen to continue on that path. BUT not YOU!
  • LEGION OF LIGHT is a term used to represent god or the creator or the source. Whatever name you use at the core is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION for all things, even golems and soulless women and plastic flamingos. The source is a PARTNERSHIP and not a singular entity like the reptilians have TAUGHT the human. The legion of light is not in a place since the concept of “place” cannot exist in a quantum state. INTERDIMENSIONAL energy is TIMELESS and there is no place. There is no TIME on the other side of the veil. So there is no PAST or FUTURE. There is only the now moment or present time.The legion of light ARE light-beings that are primarily consciousness and are FORMLESS or have no shape. So how can you build statues of them to worship them? HUM? Light-beings NEVER cease to exist but a soul can. God has always been multidimensional. The single dimensional god the reptilians created for our ancestors, who then handed that down to us had exaggerated NASTY MALE qualities. That god is a reptilian / human creation and has nothing to do with what is true in higher vibrations.        
  • LEGION OF LIGHT WILL or commandment is give and receive only unconditional love and compassion.